Solvent extraction

Solvent such as ethanol and low-grade butane can be used in carrying out this procedure. While ethanol successfully extracts cannabinoids from the plant, it also extracts chlorophyll. Attempting to filter out the chlorophyll produces a low-quality content. Using butane creates a high-quality content but the oil is susceptible to contamination by harmful compounds which could adversely affect the health. No matter what solvent you choose to use, the procedure remains the same. First, add the solvent to the plant and it extracts the CBD compound. After heating the mixture, the solvent evaporates leaving the CBD oil behind.


If you are conversant with this process it is possible to achieve high quality content. The process is not complex and is quite easy to execute. Disadvantages It is quite dangerous to perform as ethanol and butane are highly flammable. The resulting oil could be easily contaminated with either chlorophyll or harmful compounds making it a potential health risk.