Olive Oil Extraction

This process is easy and commonly at home. The plant is decarboxylated meaning it is heated to high temperatures to activate the chemical compounds within it. The optimum temperature and time to heat is 120 degrees Celsius for 1 hour. This will enable the CBD compound to be active. Then, the decarboxylated plant is added to olive oil and heated at 100 degrees Celsius for one to two hours. This enables the cannabinoids to seep into the olive oil, fully separated and ready for use.

Advantages of olive oil extraction

It is safe, easy and convenient. It can be performed at home. It is a cost expensive and affordable procedure as all the equipment and resources are readily available. The extracted oil can be used as a cooking ingredient with CBD oil.


The extracted oil is perishable and therefore must be stored in a cool and dark place immediately. It is only suitable for subsistence use and not applicable for industrial purposes due to labor intensive methods and low yields.