Dry Ice Extraction

This extraction procedure can also be carried out at home although it requires more time, effort and could be difficult to achieve. Protective gear such as thick safety gloves, eye goggles and long sleeve clothing is required to perform this procedure. The first step is to divide the plant into tiny pries and place in a bucket. Then cover the plant with dry ice for three minutes; this procedure freezes the resins within the cannabis plant. Next, a mesh bag is inverted over the bucket so the ice and the plant can be shaken to remove the resins from the plant. The bucket is turned upside down and the contents of the bucket are emptied on a mirror or plexiglass, sieving the resin from the plant. Using a mesh with very small microns would enable you sieve the smallest particles of resin from the bucket mixture.


It is a very simple and easy procedure to perform. It produces higher yield in comparison with the olive oil extraction method.


During mixing the quality of the product can be compromised if mixed for too long. Dry ice is not readily available and tends to be costly.