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State-of-the-Art Technology Used in CBD Production

Cannabidiol commonly known as CBD is one of the compounds found in cannabis sativa plant. There are numerous compounds found in this plant and therefore CBD will need to be isolated and extracted clearly and with expertise to ensure purity and quality. Although this compound is still mysterious and not fully understood, it’s growing market share, customer base medical benefits has promoted extensive research to be undertaken to ascertain its full health implications. CBD byproducts are widely used as oils, vapes and creams for medical treatment of chronic pain, type 1 diabetes, epilepsy and cancer – https://biocbd.de

CBD oils are becoming increasingly popular globally. It is becoming widely accepted and legal restrictions are being relaxed to accommodate this growing demand and supply either as a medication or food supplement to promote overall healthy living. Aside from ingestion, there are other means of applying this drug. CBD oils are the most popular method because of its ease and convenience. How do manufacturers extract CBD compound from the Cannabis Sativa plant?

This article would give you a closer look at the separation techniques and state of the art technology employed in extracting CBD from Indian Hemp.

Different Extraction Techniques

Although the extraction techniques differ, what matters most is the ability to separate the CBD compound from the cannabis plant in concentrated forms and ensuring THC percentages are within set legal parameters. These are the common extraction techniques:

Olive Oil Extraction

This process is easy and commonly at home. The plant is decarboxylated meaning it is heated to high temperatures to activate the chemical compounds within it. The optimum temperature and...

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Dry Ice Extraction

This extraction procedure can also be carried out at home although it requires more time, effort and could be difficult to achieve. Protective gear such as thick safety gloves, eye...

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Solvent extraction

Solvent such as ethanol and low-grade butane can be used in carrying out this procedure. While ethanol successfully extracts cannabinoids from the plant, it also extracts chlorophyll. Attempting to filter...

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